Dual Battery Ebike: Everything You Need to Know

By Sam Hartman

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Electric bikes are truly revolutionizing the way we get around, and there’s so many options like a dual battery ebike . When it comes to long distances or tough terrain, however, you just can’t beat the utility of a dual battery ebike.

Through Go Ride Bikes, I’ve watched the world of ebikes explode over the last decade and I’m so excited to continue sharing the latest news and updates about electric bike technology.

We’re going to dive head first into the dual battery ebike world in this blog, going over how they work, the top reasons to invest in a dual battery system, and what to look for when choosing your next electric bike. Check out ebike range calculator while you’re here!

Dual Battery Ebike: How it works

A dual battery electric bike means just what the name implies: it’s got two batteries. There’s two ways to set up your ebike with a dual battery setup, either parallel or sequential.

Parallel setup

In a parallel battery setup, the two batteries are set up side-by-side so they can enhance each other’s power. It has the same output voltage as a singular battery, but the power and range are doubled. When one battery reaches its capacity, the other one can either manually or automatically take over.

Sequential setup

In a sequential batter system, only one battery can power the ebike at a time, and the other will automatically take over when it is depleted. While this doesn’t necessarily increase your power, it drastically extends your battery range and is an efficient use of the additional battery.

Typically a dual battery electric bike uses two lithium-ion batteries, which have some fantastic advantages like low self-discharge rate, high energy density, and a generally long life.

Riders unfortunately can’t charge the dual battery setup at the same time, so they will just have to charge the first and second battery separately.

Dual Battery Ebike: Top Benefits

Extended range

Adding a secondary battery to your electric bike effectively doubles your driving range. Riders can travel much further on a single charge with the extra battery, regardless of if they’re using a hub motor or mid-drive motor.

Enhanced power

Say you have an electric mountain bike (I really love mine) but you just haven’t been able to make the steep climbs you’d like to. With a dual battery system, you have significantly more battery power and can make those tough hills, not to mention an increased payload capacity if you ever need to tote heavy loads and more speed, if you’re into that kind of thing.


There’s so much use you can get out of an electric bike, especially when you add on a second battery. It’s a great option for commuting, especially if you live in a city where a car isn’t convenient. You can use your pedal assist and take a nice long cruise on the weekend, or go off-roading and see nature while giving yourself a challenge. Enhancing your battery pack only increases your possibilities.

Less range anxiety

If there’s one common phrase I hear when it comes to electric vehicles in general, it’s “What happens if my battery runs out?” And that’s an absolutely warranted fear. No one wants to be stranded on the side of the road with no pedal assist and no way to get home other than your two legs.

The dual battery option greatly enhances your battery life, reducing that anxiety and ensuring you have quite a ways to go on your rides before running low.

Longer battery life

Not only does a second battery extend the range you can drive, it also potentially extends the overall life of your battery. By sharing the load between two rather than relying on a single battery, neither is being constantly subjected to stress from your motor. This also allows the batteries to put out higher voltage for longer, leading to an overall more powerful motor.

Dual Battery Ebike: Picking your best options

Riding needs

Before investing in an electric bike, take the time to think about how you’re going to use it. Do you have a long commute and want to use it daily to get to work? Will you be driving on pavement or taking it off road? These are important factors when determining not only what kind of bike you need, but if you need a dual battery set or not.


While two batteries are generally better than one, they’re also more expensive than a single battery. Fortunately there are plenty of great options at various price points. Stay tuned, more on those in a bit.

Battery placement

There’s a couple different ways to place your battery, whether that be integrated into the frame of your electric bike or installed externally. If you’re using an externally installed rear hub motor, for instance, you’ll likely need to have an external battery back as well.


Keeping your two batteries maintained can be a bit of a pain. You should plan to charge both batteries simultaneously, that way you know they’re both at power capacity when you start on your journey. As we mentioned earlier, however, the reduced stress on each battery should help extend your overall battery life.

Dual Battery Ebike: GRB’s Top Picks

Now that you know a little more about dual battery electric bikes, here’s a few of our favorites at some different price points that should match most budgets.

Lectric XPremium

Batteries: Two 48V Lithium-Ion
Motor: 800W+ Peak Mid-Drive Motor
Range: 100+ Miles
Price: $1,599

The Lectric XPremium is a great introduction into the world of electric bikes, or a fantastic and affordable addition to your ebike garage. It has a mid-drive motor and delivers intuitive power to the rider, giving it the ability to climb hills and handle rougher terrain.

BiktrixJuggernaut Hub Duo

Batteries: Two 52V Lithium-Ion
Motor: 750W Rear Hub Motor
Range: 70+ Miles
Price: $2,399

The Juggernaut Hub Duo from Biktrix is such a versatile bike. It has nice fat tires for a stable and comfortable ride, it’s a sturdy frame and can handle rough terrain, and it’s got a great load capacity to handle any heavy loads you may need to haul.

Gazelle Ultimate C380+

Batteries: Two 500 Wh Lithium-Ion Battery
Motor: Bosch Performance Line Mid-Drive Motor (85 Nm)
Suspension: Fox
Price: $4,000

If you’re looking for the top of the line, you need not look further than the Gazelle Ultimate C380+. This elegant electric bike can reach speeds of 28 MPH thanks to the Bosch Performance Line motor, and its integrated-to-frame battery can last up to 43 miles on a single charge. So with a dual battery system, you can easily make it 80 miles on a single ride.

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You really can’t go wrong picking up an electric bike. They are great for so many uses, and when you add a second battery it only improves the versatility.

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