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Pedal Assist

Our Favorite E-Bikes

Welcome to our electric bike showdowns! We’ve taken the speed demons, the featherweights, and the cruisers out there for a spin to help you find the perfect bike for your daily commute or next wild adventure. Let’s roll!

Fastest eBike

It can be incredibly challenging to understand the different promises made by ebike manufacturers

Fastest Folding Electric Bike

Electric folding bikes are cropping up everywhere in urban environments, and for good reason - they're environmentally friendly,...

Pedal Assist eBike

Are you an ebike owner or curious about the workings of electric bikes? Either way, you've probably heard the term "pedal assist."

Custom eBike

Knowing how to customize your ebike means you can create something bespoke to match your preferences.

Featured Electric Bike Brands

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Sam Hartman

Hey, I’m Sam.  I’m nuts about electric bikes and created this site to help you find the ride that will not only get you from point A to point B, but have you grinning along the way. I’ve tested these bikes and left no watt unturned.

So buckle up because this virtual garage is packed with the info you need to make an informed purchase of your next two-wheeler, whether you’re a speed demon looking to ride it like you stole it or a newbie just setting the wheels in motion.