How to Build the Perfect Custom Ebike

By Sam Hartman

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Knowing how to customize your ebike means you can create something bespoke to match your preferences.

At Go Ride Bikes, we’ve got your back for all things electric bikes, and guess what? Customization is our jam! Join us as we delve into the world of custom electric bikes and discover how to bring your dream bike to life, perfect for exploring both on and off the road.

Determine Your Needs and Preferences

Understand your Riding Style

You need to decide what kind of riding you plan to do. Do you commute to work, cycle around at top speed, or tackle hills?

Knowing where you plan to go means you can decide which parts you need.

Customization Options

  • Cosmetic Customizations:

    The sensor is responsible for activating the motor to provide pedal assistance. There are two kinds of sensors: a cadence sensor and a torque sensor.

    • Functional Customizations:

    These change how your ebike functions, like improving battery capacity or upgrading the motor.

    Budget Considerations

    Customizing ebikes is something to look forward to, but you must consider the costs:

    • The initial cost of the bike.
    • Price of the battery and motor.
    • Costs of any cool accessories.
    • Performance upgrade costs.
    • Labor costs.

    It’s best to shop around when you’re customizing – even consider second-hand bike parts.

    Choose Custom Ebike Components to Modify

    gray and white-electric-bike-concept 1

    1. Selecting the Right Frame

    Carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum have different weights, durability and strength, and can be used on different terrains and for different rider weights.

    2. Choosing the Right Motor and Battery


    The higher the capacity of your battery, the longer your bike will ride. A stronger battery is beneficial if you spend weekends on off-road trails or in the mountains.


    The higher the capacity of your battery, the longer your bike will ride. A stronger battery is beneficial if you spend weekends on off-road trails or in the mountains.

    You can choose between motors with higher torque or higher speed.

    3. Customizing Brakes, Gearing, and Suspension

    Custom brakes can give you the stopping power you need, while a customizable suspension means you can adjust how stiff the suspension is. Depending on how often you ride uphill, you can customize the gearing ratios.

    4. Comfort and Ergonomics

    Custom electric bikes can be extra comfortable because you can customize the saddle and grips, and get custom handlebars to suit your posture.

    If you have a long daily commute, comfort is important, so customizing these components is practical.

    5. Tech Integration and Accessories

    Upgrade a standard display to a smart display, or install a navigation system compatible with your mobile device.

    Safety accessories, such as lights (brake, turning signals, and headlight), fenders, and the ability to lock your ebike can be added. A rear rack or passenger seat can also be added.

    6. Aesthetics and Personalization

    You can add decals and stickers to your bike, get colorful upholstery for your saddle, or change the grips to suit your aesthetic.

    Choose Reliable Components and Brands

    You don’t just want to buy the first part you find – it could turn your first test ride into a disaster.

    Research the brand's reputation

    Check reviews and the brand’s social media or website to find out more about where they source their parts.

    Consider the warranty

    You want a one-year warranty – this indicates the company is confident in the quality of its bikes.

    Check for compatibility

    Make sure that the parts are compatible with your ebike’s frame and existing parts.

    Maintenance Tips for Longevity

    • Wash your ebike regularly.
    • Check the wear and tear on the tires and brakes.
    • Make sure the battery holds its charge.
    • Lubricate all the moving parts.
    • Make sure to store the bike safely in a dry, cool area.
    • Check electric parts for any damage.

    Refer to Ebike Laws Whether Customization is Allowed

    Custom ebikes are legal as long as riders don’t exceed 20 mph or 28 mph in speed (depending on the class), and have a motor and pedals.

    Certain states will have specific regulations regarding electric bikes.

    Final Thoughts

    Custom ebikes are great for functionality and for helping you look and feel your best as you ride around town. As long as you always keep your budget and riding style in mind, the sky’s the limit, and you can customize your bike to be the prettiest or fastest ebike in town. Check our ebike range calculator today.