The Best Electric Bikes for Surfers in 2024

By Thorn Compton

Think about a surfer, what comes to mind? Let me guess, a long-haired hippy dude with a beard who says things like “chillax bro” and tells everyone to “hand loose” when he leaves.

While many surfers resemble that stereotype, in reality there are surfers from all walks of life and backgrounds. It’s a wonderful means of exercise and a great escape into nature.

What every surfer needs, however, is a reliable and consistent way to get to the beach. Not all of us are stationed on the beach 24/7, and we don’t always want to have to load up the car to head down to catch a swell.

Enter the electric bike. E-bikes have tons of benefits for surfers, which is why you’ll see plenty of them on the beach. But what’s the best electric bike for surfers? Fantastic question.

At Go Ride Bikes, we’re enthusiasts about all outdoor activities and we believe an electric bike just enhances that enjoyment. Keep reading to learn about the advantages e-bikes have for surfers and beach goers, and take a look at our list of the best electric bikes for surfers in 2024.

Why an electric bike?

An iconic imagery of surf culture is the shot of a surfboard perched on the rear rack of a standard bike. Surfing and bicycles have been synonymous for generations, probably because a lot of us had to ride our bikes to the water before we could even drive.

Not only do electric bikes accomplish that same goal in a more comfortable and efficient way, they come with an extra hit of nostalgia. Throw you back to your youth, riding down the beach and feeling the cool salt spray on the way to your super secret surf spot you found with your friends.

Unlike a regular bike, however, there’s a few bells and whistles you can look for in an electric bike that will come in handy whether you’re trekking down sand or pavement. Here’s a few gadgets, gizmos, and add-ons to keep an eye out for:

Fat tires

Big, fat rubber tires on an electric bike have a whole bunch of uses. In fact, you can read all about fat tire ebikes on one of our other blogs! Where they benefit surfers most, however, is the extra traction and tread given driving through dirt and sand. With a thinner tire on a regular bike, you’re bound to get your wheels stuck and that doesn’t help anyone. But with fat tires and an electric motor, you’ll cruise on the dunes just like you cruise over waves.

Cargo rack

You can’t very well catch some tasty licks without your board now can you? Make sure the cargo rack on your ebike, whether it be a front or rear rack, is big enough to tote your surfboard. Some are even big enough to carry longboards!

Battery capacity

Any good surfer knows the best waves are often found off the beaten bath. So if you’re going on a decent journey, you need to make sure your bike can handle the whole trip. With an extended battery pack or even a dual battery electric bike, you can chase waves all day without worrying about how you’re getting home.

Quality suspension

Driving on sand and over dirt can be a tough go if your bike isn’t prepared. We love a nice, leisurely trip on a road cruiser, but the best electric bike for surfers has to be able to handle the elements and go off road. That’s why a quality, lightweight, adjustable suspension fork is a key component when searching for your next (or first) electric ride.

GRB’s Best Electric Bikes for Surfers

1. Super73 - S2

Weight: 73 lbs
Motor: 750W nominal power electric motor
Battery: 960Wh, 48V, 20Ah
Range: 75+ miles
Frame: Lightweight aluminum frame with fully adjustable air bring suspension fork
Max Speed: 28 MPH
Price: $3,295

The S2 from Super73 is marketed as a perfect urban cruiser bike, but trust us on this one, it’s a perfect ride for the beat as well. The fat 20 inch tires are begging to get out and tear up some sand, and it’s a very comfortable ride with the motorcycle-style seat and positioning. It also has a great range when used in Class 1 pedal assist mode, but if you’re looking for speed it can hit up to 28 MPH on the thumb throttle as well.

2. Juiced Bikes Closeout HyperScrambler 2

Weight: 119 lbs
Motor: 1,000W RetroBlade (2,000 W Peak)
Battery: Up to two (2) G2 52V/19.2 Ah batteries
Range: 100+ miles
Frame: Custom Aluminum heat-treated frame with triple clamp hydraulic lockout
Max Speed: 30 MPH
Price: $3,499

Full disclosure, the Juiced Bikes Closeout HyperScrambler 2 isn’t just one of the best electric bikes for surfers, it’s just one of my favorite bikes period. It’s a bit on the heavy side coming in at almost 120 lbs when equipped with both batteries, but I can live with extra weight for a bike that can hit over 30 MPH and has over 100 miles of riding range. It’s just a fun, easy-riding bike, and the two 20” x 4.25” puncture resistant tires will easily speed across whatever you need to traverse.

3. Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser

Weight: 65 lbs
Motor: 48V Geared Bafang Hub Motor, 750W sustained power
Battery: 48V/15 Ah Reention Rhino
Range: 50+ miles
Frame: Lightweight alloy frame with internal protected & locked electronics
Max Speed: 28 MPH
Price: $1,195

Easily the most affordable bike on our surfer-centric list, the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser might also be the best overall value. While it’s less than half as much as the previous two choices, it still has some great amenities like a rear surf rack, a throttle assist that will get you up to 20 MPH without pedaling (and up to 28 MPH with pedal assist) and the tall and wide 26”x3” tires are built to roll right through the sand and dirt, as well as over smooth pavement. It’s also incredibly accessible, coming in both step-through and step-over models to match whatever ride style you need.

4. The Fat Murf

Weight: 70 lbs
Motor: 750W
Battery: 52V/20 Ah
Range: 50+ miles
Frame: Lightweight alloy frame
Max Speed: 25 MPH
Price: $2,600

We promise we didn’t just put The Fat Murf from Murf Electric Bikes on here because we love the name (although we do very much love the name). It’s genuinely a fun and handy bike specifically crafted to be an “unbeatable fat tire electric beach cruiser.” It comes in both standard bike frame and a step-through option, and it can operate in both Class 2 and Class 3 settings. Plus, the fat 4” thick tires (hence the “fat” in the name) make for a comfortable ride no matter what your terrain.

Go Ride Bikes

Surfing is your way to get out into nature and enjoy a beautiful day, and the same vibes go into your electric bike. Go from cruising over sand dunes to cruising over waves with no problem. The best way to test that vibe out is to get out and go test drive your own beach cruiser.

Go Ride Bikes is our name, but it’s also our philosophy. We want to encourage everyone to get out and, well, go ride bikes. Explore the Go Ride Bikes electric bike reviews, read more of our informative blogs, and keep up with curated lists of the best ebike advancements from our experts.