Class 4 Electric Bike: The Hidden Electric Bike Class

By Thorn Compton

Look nearly anywhere on the internet and you’ll see there’s only three electric bike classes. That’s it, just the three. Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, no more and no less.

But… What if we told you there was a fourth electric bike class? A class 4 electric bike, if you will. Would you feel lied to? What else are they not telling you? Do you really need to wait 30 minutes after eating before hopping in the pool?

OK, tinfoil hats off. We don’t need to take any red or blue pills here to expand your understanding of the world of electric bikes.

Our whole mission at Go Ride Bikes is to enlighten budding e-bike enthusiasts about the world of electric bicycles. This series of blogs have focused on the different ebike classes, and in this blog we’re focusing on the hidden gem of the bunch: the Class 4 electric bike.

What are electric bike classes?

The main component of electric bike classification is the motor, namely how it’s controlled and how fast it can move. That doesn’t necessarily mean a class 1 electric bicycle has less power than a class 3, but it does affect the speed the electric motor can reach without pedal assist.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the different classes.

Class 1

These motors are most commonly known as pedal assist bikes, and they’re the most popular ebike motor in the US. Class 1 electric bikes have a motor that provides assistance to the rider when pedaling, and the motor cuts off when you reach 20 MPH. Class 1 ebikes also have their power output maximized at 750 watts.

Class 2

Similar to the class 1 motor, a class 2 motor also provides assistance to a rider while pedaling. The difference, however, is a class 2 motor can also be engaged while the rider isn’t pedaling. These electric bikes can reach up to 20 MPH without pedal assist, so they’re more suited for a leisurely road ride than a challenging mountain path.

Class 3

Also known as a speed pedelec, class 3 electric bikes have a speed limit of 28 MPH and their electric motor provides assistance while the rider is pedaling or without pedal assistance. The maximum power output is still 750 Wh, but class 3 electric bikes are designed for more speed and more power. Riders must wear a helmet when driving a class 3 electric bike, and there are other specific safety regulations similar to a motorcycle.

Class 4

The Class 4 electric bike is where the line between “electric bicycle” and “motorcycle” start to blend. Class 4 bikes aren’t limited to a max assisted speed (other than the top speed of their electric motor) and they can put out more than 750W of power. These bikes can feature throttle assist or pedal assistance, or a combination of the two. They are often designated for off-road use and classified similarly to mopeds and dirt bikes, meaning they can’t be used in a bike lane or paths shared by pedestrians.

Advantages of a Class 4 Electric Bike

While the other three electric bicycle classes are relatively similar, there’s a clear step up moving to a Class 4 e-bike.

For one, you’re inherently increasing your power capabilities thanks to removing the limited maximum speed. A class 4 bike can go as fast as the electric motor can take it, and that motor isn’t held back by the 750W output limiter either.

That extra power (cue the Home Improvement grunts) means you have extra oomph to get over rough terrain or steep hills, making class 4 electric mountain bikes a popular option.

There are some drawbacks to the class, however. The added speed and power means it is also subject to similar regulation as mopeds and dirt bikes. Most class 4 bikes are designated for off-road use, which means it can’t legally drive on traditional bike trails like other classes can.

OK enough explanation, time to get into our top choices for the best class 4 e-bikes:

GRB’s Top Class 4 Electric Bikes

1. QuietKat Jeep

Weight: 70 lbs
Weight capacity: 300 lbs
Motor: Ultra-Drive 1000W
Battery: 14.5AH/48V | 696Wh | 12 lbs
Range: 44 miles
Frame: Alloy | 150mm Travel | Internal Cable Routing
Max Speed: 28+ MPH
Price: $5,000+

Jeep is arguably the top name in off-roading vehicle adventure, so you know if they put their name behind an electric bike, it’s going to deliver the goods. The QuietKat Jeep is essentially a Wrangler on two wheels. The 1000W motor let’s you easily top 30+ miles per hour on backcountry trails just on the throttle, and the fat tires and finely-tuned suspension make your ride comfortable whether it’s cruising down a gravel road or climbing a 14-er.

2. Rambo Bikes Megatron 2.0 AWD

Weight: 75 lbs
Weight capacity: 350 lbs
Motor: Dual Bafang Motors G062/G060, nominal power of 1500W
Battery: Dual 48v 37ah 1776WH with LG branded cells
Range: 80 miles
Frame: High Grade 6061 T6 Aluminum with fully adjustable air suspension and 120mm travel
Max Speed: 28+ MPH
Price: $6,100

The Megatron 2.0 AWD from Rambo Bikes is a do-it-all kind of bike, mainly because it quite literally does it all. You can switch between all three bike classifications with the dual Bafang motors, and you can even unleash the full power of the 1500W nominal power motor system and go past 28 MPH! That kind of power also lets you easily pull heavy loads behind the bike, and the Megatron’s all-wheel drive system makes climbing any hill or tackling any terrain a breeze.

3. Juiced Bikes HyperScorpion Express

Weight: 90 lbs
Weight capacity: 275 lbs
Motor: 1000W RetroBlade (Peak 1800W)
Battery: G2 52V
Range: 70 miles
Frame: Aluminum Heat-Treated Step-Through with Triple Clamp Hydraulic Lockout
Max Speed: 30+ MPH
Price: $2,000

With a desire for better delivery bikes, the electric bike savants at Juiced Bikes created the HyperScorpion Express. This Moped-style e-bike has all the bells and whistles you expect from a high-end moped or scooter, including an alarm system, integrated brake lights, puncture-resistant tires, and turn signals. It also features a nice, extra-wide modular rear rack for carrying any type of cargo, and of course a 1000W RetroBlade motor that can hit nearly 2000W at its peak, pushing the bike to well over 30 MPH on the throttle alone.

4. Tesgo Seeker Pro

Weight: 66 lbs
Weight capacity: 330 lbs
Motor: 1000W 48V
Battery: 48V 16.8A
Range: 60 miles
Frame: Double-shoulder front fork, aluminum shoulders and aluminum legs, hydraulic locking
Max Speed: 28+ MPH
Price: $1,500

Our most affordable selection on the list, the Tesgo Seeker Pro is a great bike that’s accessible to nearly all budgets. It has a sleek design that’s foldable, so great for urban driving, and its fat tires and custom suspension are perfect for hitting rugged trails. The 1000W motor helps there too, and gives it a great hauling capacity of 330 lbs.

Go Ride Bikes

If it’s power you’re after and a good time off-roading, a class 4 electric bike is calling your name. These babies can get over any terrain quickly, and many have much longer battery life than their class 3 counterparts. The best way to find your perfect class 4 bike is to find a retailer near you and go test one out yourself!

Go Ride Bikes is our name, but it’s also our philosophy. We want to encourage everyone to get out and, well, go ride bikes. To further help your search, check out our eBike Range Calculator. Explore the Go Ride Bikes electric bike reviews, read more of our informative blogs, and keep up with curated lists of the best ebike advancements from our experts.